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Suite of applications available!

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mVault, mNote, mChat, mShare, mAdmin

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Collaborate - Anytime, Anywhere, Any Device

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The current economic climate has created a unique set of challenges for organizations in all industry sectors. Business decision makers are under pressure to constrain spending, and that includes IT investment and expenditure. At the same time, businesses must continually seek to maintain and improve their productivity and effectiveness in order to stay competitive in what may be a shrinking market for their goods or services.
  •     - How many different systems do your employees have to use to
        do their jobs?
  •     - How much time does it take an employee to learn to use each
        system effectively?
  •     - How easily can an employee find information, share
        information, or aggregate information from different sources …
        desktop, tablet, mobile (hand-held)?

Unlock the Value of Human Information

Addressing some of the pain points of Enterprise Solutions. AIM mView Suite Services (v1.0) is the core platform that underpins every product and technology included in the Suite. AIM mView Suite Server builds on standards to provide a comprehensive, enterprise ready document management solution. At the same time, because it builds on LAMP, it retains all of the extensibility and programmability of the underlying platform.

Why AIM mView Suite …

AIM mView Suite Server integrates several enterprise solutions into a single, manageable system. This integration and extensibility can help you to reduce the total cost of ownership for your IT infrastructure, by:
  • - Reducing infrastructure costs and complexity
  • - Reducing development costs
  • - Simplifying management
  • - Minimizing training requirements
  • - Open access to multiple technologies
At the same time, the rich feature set and ease of use helps you to maximize your ROI by:
  • - Improving employee productivity
  • - Enhancing the effectiveness of your business teams
  • - Allowing access to documents on any mobile and computing device
  • - Reduce your overall print spend
  • - Maximize your recycling initiatives - minimize your carbon footprint