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AIM mView Suite

AIM mView Suite provides a unique platform for your employees to share and collaborate on all documents. Our simple controls and components let you rapidly and securely access your data on any mobile and/or computing device.

Product Features Include:

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Product Details

AIM Admin Full image

AIM mAdmin

AIM Admin Users Screen

  • Executive Dashboard
  • User Administration
  • Integrated Tracking
  • Reporting & Monitoring

The mAdmin interface allows Administrators and Managers to oversee the day to day functions within the AIM mView Suite.
From here user accounts can be updated and deleted as required, language support modified per user, users can be promoted to other roles and preconfigured reports can be created for downloading.

AIM mVault Full image

AIM mVault

AIM mVaultScreen English

  • Secured vault
  • Supports upload and download
  • Any type of document

Your mVault contains your documents and documents shared with you by other users. You can upload one or more documents from anywhere through the interface simply by choosing a document through your mobile or other networked device. Once selected, choose a group from the drop-down list to share the document.

AIM mView Full image

AIM mView

AIM mView Screen

  • View your Documents a page at a time
  • Selectable thumbnails of all pages
  • Viewable in any device

Display your document to your peers and colleagues or keep secure only for yourself.
Utilize thumbnails to move through documentation, from any device anywhere

AIM mChat Full image

AIM mChat

AIM mChat Screen

  • Real-time chat interface
  • By group or individually
  • Document collaboration

mChat is our collaboration interface for Real-Time chat about your documents without confinements of location, file sizes and group numbers.
With mChat you can engage and chat peers and colleagues while sharing out your documents similtaneously. This is true collaborative interaction.

AIM mNote Full image

AIM mNote

AIM mNote Screen

  • Real-time stored notes
  • Note editing
  • Download your Notes

Collaborate while creating real-time notes for sharing, displaying or editing with your peers and colleagues. Utilize mNote to jot down your thoughts as you read through documentation, store the notes, revise them later and even download them.

AIM mShare Full image

AIM mShare

AIM mChat Screen

  • Real-time document sharing
  • Supports collaborative groups
  • Multilingual environment

The Share interface allows for interactive groups for sharing out documents. Sharing with one or a 1001 users is set by adding a document to the group then inviting users to view them. This is the heart of collaborative sharing and fosters the usage of AIM mView Suites other tools like mChat and mNote.