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Air Interactive Media (AIM) Licensed AIM mView Suite on AIM mCloud Server

This offer includes:

  • One set of AIM mView Suite software @ $25,000.00 (CDN)
  • One AIM mCloud server software configured for a virtual host environment.
  • An AIM mView Suite License for 100,000 Cost Per View Licenses (CPV)

All licenses are provided under the AIM License Agreement, further information of which is available directly by request from AIM.
  • All license list prices are for Linux 32-bit and 64-bit (hosted only) platform.
  • All license list prices of AIM licenses stated herein and on the site are for network license #  licenses, except when explicitly stated otherwise.
  • Upon your order, we will provide temporary AIM license number. After receiving payment, the temporary licenses will be replaced by permanent licenses.
  • The AIM software is delivered electronically on an Amazon AWS EC2 server configured specially for your licence.


  • All list prices are in $ (CDN) Canadian for the Americas and Asia Pacific, and in € for other countries (EMEA).
  • There is an administration and handling fee is $175 (only applicable for changes on existing licenses).
  • All list prices do include applicable taxes.
  • All list prices are subject to change without notice.
  • All list prices are 2014 list prices.
  • The standard payment term is net 30 days for license purchases

Use the contact page to either call or send an email quoting the Reseller price until July 31st, 2014 Air Interactive Media Inc.


Note: This document is published in English only.

#  Network license for concurrent use
Concurrent use is considered to be the installation and use of AIM by one or more users on one or more computers, where user and license are not necessarily active on the same computer (e.g. usage through terminal services, server based computing, or web services). The network license gives you the flexibility to run one or more concurrent AIM sessions on one or more computers within a single network. The maximum number of concurrent sessions is determined by your particular network license. This license is managed by the AIM Server, which must be run on an AIM Hosted Amazon AWS EC2 server.
#  Local license for single use
Single use is considered to be the installation and use of AIM on a single computer, by the user who is in control of the computer server. For single use, AIM offers the single use local license that allows the server to run on an Amazon AWS EC2 server configured to run one fully functional AIM server at any time.